“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — Pablo Picasso

I know you’re busy, with a million things on your plate so I won’t take up much of your time.

But, that’s actually what I want to talk about.

Because your “I’m stretched thin as a dime” mindset is starting to have a negative impact — on yourself and those that are nearest and dearest.

It’s clear that you want to do right by everyone; your kids, spouse, friends, siblings, parents, the boss.

But it’s never enough. The harder you try, the more they want and the less time and energy there is for you.

You feel overwhelmed and stressed and you’d kill for just a single hour of uninterrupted solitude. And every day, you spend more time mired in the dark thoughts — the judgements and resentments and self-pity, the ones that make you feel angry and afraid.

Listen, I know a bit about the dark side and its venomous thoughts. And about feeling out of control, with way too many obligations for just one person.

But I know how to tame these forces too…

At age 34, I was newly sober, a single parent, broke, in a job I loathed, with family obligations, and sick to death of feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and inadequate.

I had let my imaginary fears, the past, and other people tell me how to live my life — and it was a disaster.

No more. I was done with being a passenger in my own life.

And I’d be damned if I was going to teach that same shitty thought system to my son. He deserved better and so did I.

I needed a new life, and I wanted more than just sobriety. I wanted to thrive and flourish. To feel valuable and useful, and to trust myself again.

That meant putting an end to unhealthy, toxic relationships. I also went back to school, then switched careers. And to make these changes work without the familiar crutch of alcohol, I needed a brilliant strategy.

Clearly, I needed better internal references, so I studied and researched everything I thought could possibly help. 12 step programs, art, economics, hypnosis, meditation, philosophy, psychology, physics, and world religions to name a few.

I wanted a strategy that could deliver the emotional payload I desired — an unflappable calm, confidence, and inner peace. And it needed to be easy to implement, effective, and efficient.

Like most of you, I was taught to be an obedient little worker and didn’t receive much guidance or instruction on emotional intelligence. Or spiritual connection or how to manage my thoughts.

So I taught myself those skills. How to be mature, how to leave the needy ego behind, and how to think for power and strength.

And most importantly, I learned how to love myself. How to be gentle and accepting of me. But also, how to (lovingly) kick my own butt to push past blocks and fear.

The ideas aren’t mine, but I distilled and refined them for clarity and efficacy. And adapted them into daily practices for the hectic, fast-paced life of a busy, working mother.

Over time, I started creating solutions instead of more problems. Good things, like prosperity, health and energy, and emotional stability became my new normal.

Soon, colleagues and friends were asking me for instruction in how to find the same flow and success I was enjoying. This eventually led to my certification as a life and sobriety coach. And now a blog.

Anything helpful I say comes from the grace of healing my own wounds and turning trauma into growth.

And I’m here to witness to the truth that there really is a silver lining to every one of your personal shitstorms. If you’re willing to look for them.

I’d love the opportunity to share with you what I know about creating more joy, prosperity, and health for yourself.

My work focuses on providing you with the tools to create the powerful daily habits that deliver the results and life you want.

With them, you can expect to develop a positive mindset, dissolve negative unconscious patterns, eliminate distractions and people pleasing, get clear on your priorities and values, and bring your dreams to fruition.

So if you’re ready to bust out of the “I’m too busy” rut and start living life on your terms, sign up now for a free copy of Your Shortcut to Fast Stress Relief — and prepare for remarkable results!